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The Sea is a wonderful place to be join me and find out about my passion and why I look so old

David Halbert

With a deep passion for tarpon fishing and a background in marine biology, I have translated my adoration for these magnificent creatures into the realm of writing. As an avid tarpon angler and enthusiast, I have dedicated countless hours to studying their behavior, habitat, and conservation efforts. Now, I harness my knowledge and expertise to enlighten and educate others about the marvels of this extraordinary fish.


Through my writing, my ultimate aim is to captivate readers with the enchantment and allure of tarpon, all the while raising awareness about their significance within marine ecosystems. I firmly believe that by sharing my own experiences and insights, I can instill a profound appreciation for these majestic beings and inspire endeavors to conserve and safeguard their natural habitats.


Be it through articles, blog posts, or educational materials, my purpose is to convey the exhilaration and passion that envelops me in the realm of tarpon fishing and marine biology. I strive to offer valuable information, tips, and techniques to fellow anglers, as well as engage a broader audience in the astonishing world of tarpon.


Come along with me on this journey as I continue to explore and celebrate the wonders of tarpon, merging my expertise as a marine biologist with my love for angling and the art of storytelling. Together, we can spread awareness and foster a deeper comprehension of this remarkable fish and the ecosystems they call home.

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